Broken to Built: 31 Days of rebuilding with Nehemiah

Barry Pearman
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In recovery, you need a friend, someone who has 'been there, done that.'

What would it be like to have a biblical character like Nehemiah to be your soul mate? 

This little devotional reveals timeless truths about recovery taken from the story of Nehemiah as he rebuilds not just the wall of Jerusalem, but the heart of a city, a people, a person.  

What would Nehemiah say to you?

Every chapter has 

  • A short excerpt from the book of Nehemiah 

  • Some insights

  • A quote to consider

  • Questions to answer

  • A ‘rock to build with.’

It has been written for personal use but can also be used for small groups of people who support each other in their journey of rebuilding and growth.

You could use it as a prompt for discussion about recovery and rebuilding.


  • 70 pages (A4)13600 words

  • three versions  - pdf, Mobi (Kindle), and epub.

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Some reviews

  • Barry emphasizes the critical need of having supportive people alongside us at the same time he keeps emphasizing connecting with God in prayer. Leah Chang

  • Broken to Built’ will interest those who are intentionally seeking to build community and safe places for people to become empowered. Janice Corbett

  • As a man who has struggled personally with mental health, has worked supporting others in this sector and has had a lifetime of Biblical study and reflection Barry has woven together a very usable, grounded and relevant resource for anyone in recovery or rebuilding their life.
    His emphasis on inviting “alongsiders’ to assist in the rebuilding is pertinent and a great antidote to western individualism and the isolation that often fuels addictions and exacerbates mental health conditions.
    Short chapters, relevant quotes, and a practical encouraging style make it an easy book to dip into or use as a daily reflection. Andrew Connolly M. Ed (Hons) Couns., B Min, Grad Cert. Teacher Ed., Cert HRD, Advanced Certificate in Supervision (NZAC and University of Auckland)    

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Three versions - pdf, Mobi (Kindle), and epub.


Broken to Built: 31 Days of rebuilding with Nehemiah

0 ratings
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